Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Movie for the Cubicley Caged

Office Space....Rating 8.0

If you like comedies and find the world of work sometimes sorta funny, then this is one for you.

Office Space is Mike Judge's sardonic view of those corporations where getting the right cover sheet for your TPS report is everything. It's a lot like the comic strip Dilbert, only in a movie. If you like that sort of thing, then this is the movie for you.

Peter Gibbons is an office worker who basically sleepwalks through life. He decides to go to a hypnotist to talk about his problems. When the hypnotist keels over from a heart attack before he can snap him out of his hypnosis, Peter is left in a perpetual state of not caring about work.

When he finally does show up at work a few days later, the place is in the midst of a huge downsizing. "The Bob's" are interviewing everyone and deciding on their fate. Peter comes in and the when asked what he does, he simply tells it like it is. He finds himself promoted and his snarky boss, hilariously played by Gary Cole is demoted.

The best performance is by Stephen Root who plays nerdy passive Milton who keeps finding himself getting stepped on and overlooked to the point where he just stops getting paid, but still shows up to work every day.

Anyone who does anything for a paycheck will appreciate this movie. The point of the whole thing is how the amazingly absurd the world of work can be, where an entire day can be spent on routines.

Jennifer Aniston plays Peter's girlfriend who he meets =when she is his server at Friday's like restaurant. The thing they have in common is she hates her job too, and winds up walking out when she is criticized for not wearing enough "flair".

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