Monday, July 23, 2007

Cuteness + Science Fiction = Great Movie

The Last Mimzy Rating 8.0

Far into the future a scientist has made several attempts to save the world. This is his last try.

He sends Mimzy into the past to a couple of young 'uns, because only the innocence of children can save us. When a brother and sister find a strange paper weight type thingie on the beach, they break it open to find several objects, one of which is a stuffed rabbit named Mimzy.

The rabbit can speak only to the girl through beeps and chirps. SHe is able to understand Mimzy, and realizes why Mimzy is here. Mimzy is able to communicate to her and her brother, and soon they are freaking out their parents with the special abilities with which they have been endowed.

Rainn Wilson from the Office plays a science teacher at the boy's elementary school who is drawn into their world with his hippy wife. Soon the FBI catch on the Mimzy, and steal the rabbit to figure out exactly what makes it tick.

The movie is very entertaining. Children younger than 8, however, will most likely be bored. The story is somewhat complicated. But, this is a great movie for parents and their older pre-teen, and even teen children to watch together. The story is engrossing, and the rabbit is so very very CUTE!

Science fiction and mathematics buffs will also appreciate this movie greatly. The movie is based on a children's novel, and parrallels Alice in Wonderland somewhat.

The movie reminded me a lot of ET, because of it's cuteness factor, and because the boy looks freakishly simlar to Elliott from the popular 1981 movie.