Monday, January 21, 2008

We could all use a little Spice in our dreams....


I had to recommend this one for all of you anime fans out there. Actually, you don't have to be a fan of anime at all to enjoy this one.
The director Satoshi Kon continues in his wonderful style of blending science fiction and reality. This one is based on a science fiction novel by noted Japanese author Yasutaka Tsutui. When a program that allows individuals to explore their own dreams is pirated, the results are mind blowing.
If you liked the Matrix, you will appreciate this one. It is Rated R, however, for one particularly unsettling death scene, so don't watch it with the little ones..

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wouldn't it be Great to be a Career Criminal?

Ocean's 13

Rating: 7.0
If you enjoyed Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 12, you'll surely enjoy this one, although in my opinion, it is slightly less enjoyable than the first two. Maybe it's because the surprise of all the celebrity cameos has turned into more of an expectation. You know how that goes.
In this one, Al Pacino plays a casino owner who stiffs one of Ocean's men big-time, thus upsetting him into a heart attack. Ocean, of course, must get back at the guy, who considers himself untouchable. I guess everyone in the casino business has criminal ties, because Pacino used to be one, and so did Andy Garcia, who pops up as his rival. Ocean tries to use Garcia, as well as all of his contacts, to ruin the opening night of Pacino's biggest, most expensive casino for high rollers (or, "whales") only.
The best best best part of this movie is Ellen Barkin, who at 53 and change, looks as good as any cougar could. She plays Pacino's next in charge, and spends most of the movie following him around like a puppy dog in a tight dress and Victoria Beckham bob.
Clooney plays the same, slick, lovable Ocean, who, despite being extremely adept at ripping people off, still has a heart of gold. I do not understand why people find this man so sexy. But, to each their own.
This one does drag on a bit too long (122 mins), but, then, so did the other two. In my opinion, any movie that lasts past the 120 min. mark should be definitely worth the time it took to view it. This one didn't reach that high in my opinion.
-Victoria Vogel