Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Snakes on a Plane

Rating: 5.0

Ohhhhhhhh yeah.... hike up the cheese factor, it time for Snakes on a Plane. Apparently Samuel Jackson asked to be in this movie when he saw the title. When they were going to change it to something a little less obvious, he told the producers he would only do the movie if they kept the original title.

Did you guess the story? I bet you did. There are a bunch of poisonous snakes on a big 747 threatening to kill all the passengers and bring the plane down. They were put there by a very bad man who went to all that trouble to kill one little witness.

The movie is filled with CGI snakes hissing and biting. There's lots of action, some swearing, and some nudity, so don't let the kiddies watch this one.

The scenes that bothered me the most, however, were the scenes where the snakes basically devour a poor little innocent cat in the cargo area and a passenger's little dog. I mean, as if air travel isn't stressful enough for pets without having to worry about huge snakes. This movie, to say the least, is not animal friendly, so if you are an animal lover like me, you may want to pass on this one solely for that reason.

However, if you love action movies, hate snakes, and are looking for some mindless Saturday night entertainment, then go ahead and indulge.

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