Saturday, January 27, 2007

Beyond the Quik Stop...

Clerks II
Rating: 6.0

In case you wondered what happened to the slackers in the first Clerks, wonder no more. In Clerks II the Quick Stop burns down, leaving Dante and Randall looking for employment. They wind up at Mooby's which is kind of like McDonalds, only with every detail turned into a joke. The door "moos" when opened. Dante is about to get married, if you can imagine that. Ironically, his fiance is Kevin Smith's wife in real life. It's hard to imagine her with either of them. She's tall, blonde, bitchy-looking, and anorexically skinny.

She would have been better suited playing the role of Dante's boss, and the manager of Mooby's, which is played by Rosario Dawson. Of course, Dante has a "thing" for his boss and vice versa. She has the same raunchy sense of humor and no nonsense way of behaving, so it's obvious they are meant to be together. But, she doesn't want to get married. Why Dante does is a mystery.

When Randall and friends decide to throw Dante a bachlor party to end all bachelor parties, everything you could possibly imagine happens, and, well, you can probably guess the ending.

The plot is formulaic. The jokes are the same. So, if you like that stuff, you won't be disappointed.

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