Tuesday, December 5, 2006

You Me and Dupree..a little better than "eh"

You, Me and Dupree
Rating: 5.4

Another Kate Hudson date movie. This one isn't as much of a snoozefest as the other one (How to Lose a Guy....) Mostly it's due to the enjoyable presence of Owen Wilson. Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon are newlyweds who decide to allow their best man Dupree (Wilson) to live with them until he gets on his feet. Wilson plays the same character he always plays, the laissez-faire freeloader with a good heart. Of course, he winds up staying way too long and causing all sorts of problems for the well meaning couple. What makes this movie so enjoyable are the situational laugh fests. Like when Dupree hooks up with a Mormon school librarian who turns out to be more permiscuous than a hooker. (Try to overlook the overused librarian profiling there.) Or when Dupree decides to distinguish himself as best man from the other groomsmen at the wedding by wearing a button with "BM" on it. Comedic gems like these make the movie pretty darn funny. The plot, however, is as thin a piece of book tape.

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