Monday, December 11, 2006

Tom Cruise is back again....

Mission Impossible III
Rating: 6.0

Tom Cruise is back again as undercover agent Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible III. This time, he is attempting to lead a normal life, and is engaged to Michelle Monaghan who plays Julia,who bears a striking resemblance to Katie Holmes.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is the bad guy. He plays a good bad guy, I have to say. He has this calm way about him that suggests his ability to tear you to pieces. Cruise is trying to get a hold of "The Rabbit's Foot" which is something bad that might end the world. Hoffman will do anything to prevent him from getting it. Of course Julia gets captured when things go awry, and Hunt has to try to rescue her and foil Hoffman's plans of world domination.

There are lots of explosions, and attemts to kill Hunt. Of course, he is able to survive just about anything, including an explosive charge being implanted in his skull. I am not an action flick fan, and I really don't like Cruise ever since his arrogant public rants against psychiatry. However, I must say he does play a good secret agent.

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