Thursday, December 7, 2006

A Must-See

Party Girl (1995)
Rating: 8.8

RRPL only owns this one in VHS, but it must be seen. Parker Posey plays Mary, a raver in NYC who is directionless in life. She has her own loft (She has no job, lives in Manhattan, but has her own amazing place......only in the movies), a wonderful collection of quirky vintage clothing (again, only in movies), and spends her time attending and planning raves. One fateful night of partying she winds up in the slammer and calls her godmother Judy, to bail her out. Her godmother works as head librarian for the New York Public Library, or what I'm guessing is one of their branches. When Mary stops by the library to thank her, she is chastised for being irresponsible and immature. Mary decides to prove herself to her godmother by taking a job as a clerk at her library, and, lo and behold, she takes to it. Meanwhile she falls in love with a felafel vendor after helping him find information on something. They break into the library and have sex in the stacks after hours, and she gets in trouble for it. This kind of throws a wrench in her godmother's belief in her. She is left trying to figure out if she should pursue her dream of becoming a librarian.

Of course the movie library still has a card catalog, and the workers look bored out of their minds, but whatever. This movie is special, and definitely a must see for all librarians who are young at heart. The soundtrack is pretty good too.

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Sydney Kalnay said...

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Ms. Posey, a chubby, pre-Scream, fake-accented Liev Schrieber and a fantastic soundtrack!

"I'd like a falafel with hot sauce, a side order of baba ghanouj and a seltzer, please."