Thursday, November 30, 2006

Be afraid! Be very afraid!......of global warming

An Inconvenient Truth
Rating: 6.0

OK, this isn't one to choose for your Friday night date movie, unless you and your date are both AL Gore fans. An Inconvenient Truth is basically a documentary about the threat of global told by Al Gore. The film is mostly Gore speaking to an audience about why they need to act NOW about this crisis. Now, you may or may not be an Al Gore fan. But the evidence he presents sure does make it hard not to be scared for the future of our planet. The one thing he neglects to speak in length about is what exactly we can do about it. He spends a lot more time explaining the new temperature graph or chart he has on the screen. For that reason, I didn't find his movie that satisfying. However, it's hard not to rate it over 5, since it is such an important topic.

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